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Technology to protect, connect, educate, inform & entertain the world

In the technology sector, companies are developing a wide range of products and services.

In the process industries, energy and environmental sector, Science Park businesses are working on systems to enable more effective management of scarce resources such as oil, gas and petrochemicals as well as energy generation and storage.

Expertise in the security sector spans forensics to cyber security. 

In ICT, the focus is on smart technologies to connect people, financial systems, devices, places, sensors and machines with an increasing focus on IoT.

Helping us to better visualise the world through 'immersive and interactive experiences' and simulation, enterprise tools such as artificial intelligence as well as virtual and augmented reality are under development by a number of companies including some of the start-ups in the Bradfield Centre.

Other technologies include innovative display and print technologies, imaging systems and electronic devices. 

Novel materials include graphene, and materials for use in medical science.

In the field of entertainment, the Park is home to leading games companies as well as companies with technologies to enhance our TV viewing experience.

In the educational sector,  companies are working on systems and services relevant to training, mentoring and assessment for children, academics and professionals.

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