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Cambridge Wireless Offers a Deep Dive into “Engineering AI for Critical Systems” at CWTEC - 27 June 2024, Cambridge Computer Labs


  • Date 23 Jun 2024
  • Sectors Technology

Calling all engineers, academics, researchers and business leaders, the upcoming Cambridge Wireless Technical Engineering Conference (CWTEC) offers you the opportunity to take a deep dive into “Engineering AI for Critical Systems,” This landmark one-day conference reflects the growing need to harness AI's power for sectors like telecommunications, cybersecurity, healthcare, and banking. CWTEC plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between theoretical AI advancements and real-world applications.


Michaela Eschbach, CEO of Cambridge Wireless said: "The integration of AI into critical industries holds immense promise but it also presents significant challenges. CWTEC 2024 brings together the brightest minds to explore both the potential and the practicalities of implementing AI solutions that enhance the security, efficiency, and performance of critical infrastructure."


Special guest speakers include Dr Jade Hind, Senior Consultant, Space, Defence and Intelligence at CGI who said: “CGI is excited to play a key part in CW TEC 24 as it shifts the spotlight onto practical AI applications. We’ll collectively be exploring how businesses are realistically harnessing AI to enhance their operations and applications; setting aside the hype and concentrating on uncovering tangible ways these tools can truly benefit us. We’re looking forward to coming together with experts in the field who are shaping the forefront of AI innovation. Join us as we explore advanced real-time generative AI techniques, applied to critical services monitoring, and delve into the future of AI, focusing on personalisation, sustainability, and interpretability.”


Guest speaker Chris Murphy, Regional CTO, EMEA at VIAVI Solutions, said:“I’m delighted to represent VIAVI in speaking at the Technology and Engineering Conference. Cambridge Wireless has long been a forum for sharing ideas, exploring disruptive technologies and forging relationships. It’s clear that many areas of industry have a significant need for AI. It is equally clear that there is a long way to go to deliver on the potential. This event promises to spotlight the successes being seen in different industry verticals along with the challenges that still need to be overcome.”


CWTEC comprises four key sessions: Session 1: Introduction to AI: chaired by Michaela Eschbach, CEO of Cambridge Wireless, this session will cover AI fundamentals, recent breakthroughs and will set the stage for understanding its role in critical infrastructure. Guest speakers: Mary-Ann Claridge and Phil Claridge, Founders of Mandrel Systems. This session includes a keynote speech from Professor Amanda Prorok, University of Cambridge, entitled: “Learning to Communicate, Cooperate, and Coordinate in Multi-Robot Systems.”


Session 2: Applications of AI in Critical Industries: Industry experts will showcase how AI is impacting telecommunications, healthcare, energy and transport, highlighting its potential to enhance diagnostics, resilience, security and diagnostics. Chaired by Paul O’Brien, guest speakers include: Chris Murphy, Regional CTO, EMEA, Viavi Solutions; Stephen Clemmet, CEO, Silogic Technology ; Dr Camille Terfve, Partner, Mewburn Ellis; and, Cheryl Allebrand, Senior Consultant, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation, CGI


Session 3: AI Engineering Challenges: This session will delve into the practical considerations of building AI solutions, including data management, risk mitigation, interoperability standards, and deployment tools. Chaired by Peter Whale, Founder & CEO at Vision Formers, guest speakers include: Simon Thompson, Head of AI, ML & Data Science at GFT Financial Ltd; Anton Lokhmotov, CEO, KRAI; and Bob Oates, Associate Director at Cambridge Consultants.


Session 4: What does the future of AI look like? Exploring upcoming technologies and trends shaping the future of AI, fostering discussions on new models, hybrid systems, sustainability, and explainability. Chaired by Julia Gwilt, Partner at Appleyard Lees, speakers include: Dr Jade Hind, Senior Consultant, Space, Defence and Intelligence at CGI; David Pollington, Head of Research, Bloc Ventures; and, Dr Detlef Nauck, Head of AI Research at BT.


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