Xaar marks 25 years as inkjet leader in industrial print with major presence at InPrint 2015

  • Date 4 Nov 2015

In keeping with the company celebrating 25 years of leading the way in industrial inkjet, Xaar will have a significant presence at the event, with new products and applications on show.  Xaar will also deliver presentations during the InPrint conference programme covering two key industrial print areas: packaging and advanced manufacturing.

Since the company was founded in 1990, Xaar printhead technology has become the number one inkjet choice in a wide range of industrial manufacturing applications, reducing costs and waste and improving process efficiency.  Today the latest Xaar 1002 printhead, featuring patented TF Technology™, has an unrivalled reputation for print quality and reliability in high-volume production environments in markets as diverse as advanced manufacturing, direct-to-shape packaging, label printing, décor laminates, glass and ceramic tile decoration. Manufacturers know that, even under the harshest operating conditions, the Xaar 1002 printhead delivers outstanding performance when decorating, patterning, depositing functional coatings on, or adding structure to, a variety of industrial and consumer products.

Xaar will also highlight exciting new applications which are made possible by TF Technology™. This patented recirculation technique ensures the Xaar 1002 printhead has an outstanding ability to handle difficult fluids ‒ particularly valuable for high-tech advanced manufacturing applications.  Examples presented at InPrint 2015 include cover lens glass printing for smart phones and tablets. Other examples are antenna tracks and printed circuits that can be manufactured in high volume on ITO-covered PET or glass, using silver nano particle inks.

Xaar technology drives OEM innovations

A number of OEMs will show innovative solutions for a range of applications, all incorporating Xaar 1002 printheads.

Other Xaar partners at InPrint include UV curing specialists Integration Technologies, and ink suppliers: Agfa, Collins Inkjet, INX Digital, Nazdar, Sunjet and Tritron.


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