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Steaming up Success: ARU student’s path from café to creativity

  • Date 21 Apr 2024

We recently did a Q&A session with Anglia Ruskin student Soorya Jith, who started his journey as a Barista at the Lakeside Café within the Bradfield Centre on Cambridge Science Park. He has now transitioned to Krank, also located on the Park, as a Junior Graphic Designer.

What was your role at the Lakeside Cafe, and what did you enjoy most about it?

At the Lakeside Cafe I was a Barista/General Assistant, my tasks included making drinks to maintaining a steady work environment. The thing I mostly enjoyed while working at the cafe was getting to meet new and brilliant individuals every day and working with my colleagues.

How did working at The Bradfield Centre influence your understanding of the Cambridge Science Park community?

The Bradfield Centre for me is basically the heart of Cambridge Science Park, working there provided me with valuable information to work my way towards the job I have now. It is the best place that you can be to gain an advantage when starting out on your career since most of the people surrounding you and the people you talk to are the people that are professionals at what they do.

Were there any memorable moments or interesting interactions with customers or colleagues?

Every day I worked in Lakeside Cafe was valuable because of the customers and supportive colleagues. The most memorable interaction would be the one interaction that led me to landing this job, which is with my present colleague Ajay. He was basically the missing link from me transforming from a Barista to a Graphic Designer since he connected me with the people who are in charge and was able to help me secure an interview at Krank.

Did you have any favourite dishes or drinks from the cafe menu?

My favourite has always been the hot chocolates who were made by my former colleague Jo and the freshly made paninis at the café.

What motivated you to switch from the cafe to a graphic design role?

I’ve always had a passion for graphic design. I always found time in front of the computer trying to figure out something creative, looking to improve my skills, to help me stay ahead of the trends.

How did your experience at The Bradfield Centre prepare you for your new role?

My experience at The Bradfield Centre provided me with a solid foundation in project management, teamwork, and communication skills, which are essential for success in any role, including graphic design (not to mention the skills to make nice coffees). These skills prepared me for the challenges and responsibilities of my new position.

What aspects of graphic design do you find most fulfilling?

In graphic design, I find the process of bringing my thoughts to life through visual elements particularly fulfilling. Whether it's designing a logo, creating posters, or crafting illustrations, I enjoy every opportunity to express creativity and make an impact through design.

Have you noticed any similarities or differences between the work environments at The Bradfield Centre and Krank?

While there are similarities in terms of collaborative environments and a focus on innovation, the work environments at The Bradfield Centre and Krank may differ in terms of specific industry focus, team dynamics, and project goals.

Could you tell me more about Krank and their presence on the Cambridge Science Park?

Krank is a digital marketplace tool for heavy equipment businesses to transform the way they buy, sell and rent heavy equipment. Krank provides the technology for companies to sell directly to their customers – its clients include the major equipment manufacturer Liebherr and Finning, the largest global CAT dealer.

What kind of graphic design projects are you involved in at Krank?

At Krank, I'm involved in a whole bunch of graphic design projects ranging from website re-designing and identity design to marketing collateral and digital media assets. Each project presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities to showcase creativity and problem-solving skills.

How has the transition impacted your daily routine or creative process?

My daily routine and creative process have been greatly changed by moving from the café to Krank. My current position is more structured, offers a greater variety of responsibilities and projects that involve professional guidance to help me advance, and is generally more of a design-focused atmosphere, ideal for someone like me who is just stepping to the professional side of graphic design.

Are there any exciting projects or collaborations you’re currently working on?

Currently, I'm working on several exciting projects and collaborations, including branding of a new platform launch and website redesigns for clients. These projects allow me to apply my skills and contribute to meaningful initiatives within the industry.

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