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See Xaar Technology Come to Life

  • Date 3 Apr 2012

19 March 2012

At the Indian Ceramics exhibition Xaar is using augmented reality (AR) to show how its innovative printhead technology has transformed the ceramics decoration industry. To enjoy the full Xaar AR experience, visit the Xaar stand (A02). Alternatively, before you visit the show, download the Xaar ‘Xapp’ app onto your Apple device from the Apple App Store and use the AR function to view the animations triggered by images on the stand.

Xaar’s AR will enable visitors to explore inside the Xaar 1001 industrial printhead in an interactive way to understand how the technology delivers outstanding print quality, high productivity and reliability. The magnified view of Xaar’s printheads and technology gives a unique insight into what takes place at high speed and at a microscopic level inside ink channels that are less than the width of a human hair.

For example, see the Xaar 1001 printhead’s unique patented TF Technology™ combined with Hybrid Side Shooter™ architecture in 3D. Fluids are shown flowing directly past the back of the nozzles which ensures the nozzles are continuously primed to deliver maximum production uptime.  A close up view of the Xaar “chevron” piezo actuator used in the Xaar 1001 demonstrates the features that produce efficient and consistent drop formation to deliver outstanding quality.

Digital decoration of ceramic tiles using inkjet printers is a rapidly growing manufacturing method and allows designers to be very creative. High-quality designs and effects are possible because the Xaar 1001 can jet pigment loaded ceramic inks accurately and consistently onto tiles. Digital printing is breathing new life into ceramics industry production as it is now possible to produce many life-like patterns, including marble and wood effects.

Tile producers want the flexibility to produce both fine detail and strong colours. The Xaar 1001’s ability to jet variable-sized (greyscale) drops gives manufacturers the flexibility to select small dots for smooth tones and sharp lines. Larger dots are selected to provide high ink coverage to intensify colour density and saturation.  The result is a stunning replication of natural materials, enhancing the print quality so that the printed tile is almost identical to the original.   In addition, the digital process means that patterns can be reproduced consistently from one run to the next, and on-demand.

Many printer manufacturers worldwide have chosen the Xaar 1001 printhead for its performance and imaging capabilities. At Indian Ceramics, visitors can see Xaar-enabled printers and samples displayed by several companies including: Arrow Digital – Kerajet (W11); Colorobbia (321); H&R Johnson (331); Hope (Foshan Aspiring Ltd) (151); Sacmi (131); SiTi (251); TecnoFerrari (S04); and Vidres – Cretaprint (361).



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