Linguamatics I2E AMP Facilitates Rapid Clinical Decision Support

  • Date 7 Dec 2016

I2E Asynchronous Messaging Pipeline (AMP) Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) technology automates the NLP text mining of real-time documents at scale

“Our goal at Linguamatics, is to provide healthcare professionals with the ability to turn unstructured EHR data into actionable information,” said Simon Beaulah, Senior Director of Healthcare, Linguamatics. “I2E AMP ensures rapid textual processing of electronic health records so that physicians have quick access to the information they need for clinical decision-making. This, not only, leads to enhanced patient outcomes; it also gives physicians more time to be personally attentive to the patient during the clinical encounter.”

Dr Elizabeth Marshall, MD and Director, Clinical Analytics at Linguamatics, offered a real-world example of the potential impact of I2E AMP in an emergency department setting. “Consider the situation where an accident victim arrives with cracked ribs and a possible traumatic pneumothorax,” said Dr Marshall. “The chest x-ray report also indicates the presence of a pulmonary nodule. The ED team addresses the immediate problem. Concurrently, I2E AMP rapidly flags the patient record for nodule follow-up. The clinical care coordinator receives a new task to contact the patient and arrange further investigation. The patient’s healthcare team are thus able to address the nodule and investigate quickly – so the risk of it evolving into something much more serious is avoided.”

In addition to the rapid textual processing of electronic health records for Clinical Risk Monitoring, I2E AMP supplies scalable document processing, for use cases such as semantically-enhanced enterprise search, and text ETL for data warehouses.

I2E AMP provides high-throughput, fault tolerant processing for real-time document or record handling, and addresses the NLP text mining and ETL requirements of organizations – from small office, mid-sized department, to large healthcare system or biopharma.


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