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Introducing the SCHOTT InJentle™ syringe - improved stability for sensitive drugs

  • Date 23 Feb 2010

Cambridge Consultants have supported SCHOTT forma vitrum ag in developing a new syringe system – InJentle™ – designed to address the requirements of highly sensitive drugs as well as improving the application, making injections less painful for patients.

InJentle TM’s unique design, employing a ‘pinch seal’ closure, ensures that the drug is not in contact with the metal needle or the adhesive of the syringe during storage, preventing sensitive drugs from interacting with these potential contaminants. This also has the advantage of creating similar stability test requirements as vials. The needle shield has also been designed with robust tamper-evident closure. This enables physicians or patients to determine easily if the syringe is still unused. InJentle™ also includes the flexibility to include further anti-counterfeiting features in the future, such as RFID tags.

SCHOTT InJentleTM incorporates a needle shield that protects the needle and minimizes the risk from the occurrence of ‘hooks’. Sharper ‘virgin’ needles make the injection less painful for patients. In addition, InJentle™ can be combined with particularly thin needles- potentially up to 32 gauge – which are also siliconised, contributing to improved patient application.

Commenting on the development, Phil Lever, Cambridge Consultants’ recently appointed head of drug delivery, said: “SCHOTT had developed a technically precise concept which required an equally precise implementation. Cambridge Consultants has a very successful track record of designing and developing novel injection devices, so we were able to use our expertise to bring together all of SCHOTT’s requirements into a sophisticated new device.”

InJentle™ has been designed with a range of additional benefits. For example, the special geometry of the glass barrel does not require the use of any tungsten during the glass forming process, making the syringe completely tungsten-free. Although the syringe has been designed with these special features, it is delivered with standard nests and tubs so that it can be filled on standard filling lines.

“InJentle™ is both ‘drug friendly’ and ‘patient friendly’,” commented Carmen Heiter, Product Manager, Syringes, at SCHOTT. “On the one hand, it enables even very sensitive drugs to be stored safely, on the other hand it offers easy handling and the ability to use particularly thin needles for a gentle application. We are delighted with the result of this partnership with Cambridge Consultants, whose experience of developing novel injection technology has been invaluable in getting this product to the manufacture stage so effectively.”

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