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Domainex Awarded Technology Strategy Board Funding to Support its Research into a Novel Cancer Drug

  • Date 8 Nov 2011

Domainex’s initial attention will be focused on breast and ovarian cancers.   Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women.  Every year it affects over a million women worldwide and is the leading cause of death for women aged 40-44.  The five-year survival rate for Stage V cancer patients (advanced disease progression) is just 16%.  Ovarian cancer is rarely diagnosed in its early stages and is usually quite advanced by the time diagnosis is made, resulting in poor prognoses. The five-year survival rate for all stages is only 35% to 38%.

Domainex’s TBK1/IKKe programme has already identified potent, selective and drug-like inhibitors. These inhibitors have been shown to be effective in inhibiting several cancer cell lines. Domainex’s research objective is to identify a Candidate Drug that is effective in disease models and would be orally well-absorbed by humans.  The subsequent commercialization of this new drug would be undertaken in partnership with a large pharmaceutical company which has the resources to take the drug through clinical trials and to the marketplace.

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