• Date 25 Apr 2013

Arecor announces today a significant leap forward to enabling liquid-stable versions of live-virus containing products, used widely in vaccines and gene therapy products. Arecor has patented technology that enables liquid storage of adenovirus and removes a major limitation to more widespread use.

Current products require a commercially challenging -80° C supply chain, or the expense and impracticality of freeze-drying live products. Arecor’s work demonstrates that these next-generation vaccines and therapeutics can be stored and distributed in liquid form at temperatures typically used in cold chain distribution and with extended excursions outside the cold chain.

Heat stability will be particularly beneficial for enabling the practical utility of these products in the most advanced cancer therapies, gene therapies and vaccines against infectious diseases, such as, HIV.

Modified adenovirus is increasingly used as a vehicle for gene therapy and vaccines. Arecor’s technology has removed a major constraint in the need for sub-zero storage or freeze-drying (lyophilisation), which is not only expensive but leads to loss of potency of the vaccine or therapeutic.

Arecor’s CEO, Tom Saylor, said, “A heat stable adenovirus vaccine is a very exciting development and has vast potential to enable next-generation vaccines. This follows similar success by Arecor in addressing liquid heat stability of enveloped viruses such as Measles. It confirms Arecor as the leader in developing stable liquid presentations of peptides, proteins and vaccines.

Notes to Editors:

1.Arecor is a pioneer in the stabilisation of biologic molecules, a key challenge in the development of many therapeutic proteins, vaccines and diagnostics. Many proteins, peptides or vaccines are too unstable in liquid form to develop ready-to-use drugs or are unstable at high concentrations. Arecor has developed a set of unique technologies to address these problems with the potential to revolutionise the self-administration of therapeutic medicines which can be used by patients. . It has partnered with the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies to enhance the commercial value and practical utility of many different types of proteins, and in many different applications such as vaccines, therapeutic proteins, or proteins used in medical Further information about Arecor and its technology can be found out:

2.Adenovirus is a vector for gene therapy, and prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines. It is currently being used in trials for lung cancer and melanoma, and there is a marketed product to treat head and neck squamous tumours in China. There is immense market potential for therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines using Adenovirus vectors and new heat stable technology will enable their distribution outside of the cold-chain. Adenovirus is currently being used in 23% of clinical gene therapy trials – the largest number of any carrier used in these trials. Advantages associated with the use of adenovirus are its broad host range and low human pathogenicity.

3.For media enquiries, please contact Kelly Mepham, Business Development & Marketing Associate, on 01223 426060 .

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