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The Supplant Company

Life Sciences

Defining a new category of food ingredient: sugars from fiber

  • Sector Life Sciences

The Supplant Company is defining a new category of food ingredient: sugars from fiber. With Supplant™ sugars from fiber, your favorite treats can look, feel and taste like they’re supposed to. But because it’s made from fiber, Supplant™ sugars from fiber is lower in calories, has a low glycemic response compared to glucose, and is prebiotic. It’s made by upcycling agricultural side streams: fiber-rich parts of crops that are hugely abundant and don’t typically make their way into the food system. The Supplant Company was founded by Dr. Tom Simmons and has raised over $26 million in venture capital financing and is backed by major VCs in the US and Europe. We enjoy solving complex problems, advancing our knowledge and driving our mission forward. We are focussed on creating a great work environment where smart and engaged people tackle meaningful challenges and make an impact. We know that nothing happens if you don’t love what you’re doing: we’re committed to doing the right thing and having fun along the way.

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