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The Supplant Company Earn their Climate Pledge Badge

  • Date 4 Jul 2022

The Supplant Company are excited to announce that Supplant™ Chocolate Bars have earned the Climate Pledge Friendly Certification from Amazon.

A Climate Pledge Friendly Certification means that our chocolate bars are certified by a third party to be sustainable in one aspect or another. As Amazon explains on its website (https://www.amazon.com/b?node=21221608011), these certifiers include “governmental agencies, non-profits, and independent laboratories.” Amazon chose these external organizations to help them distinguish products that are more sustainable. It relies on “certifications that are reputable, transparent, and have a focus on preserving the natural world.”

We earned our Climate Pledge Friendly certification by conducting a rigorous ISO-14067-compliant product carbon footprint assessment on our new sustainable chocolate bars. This assessment considered every aspect of our milk and dark chocolate bar production. It looked at the entire process from bean to bar, including packaging, transport, production, and beyond.

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