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AVEVA (Schneider Electric)


As part of the Schneider Electric organisation, Spiral has a strong development focus with over two thirds of our staff in software development roles.

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As part of the Schneider Electric organisation, Spiral has a strong development focus with over two thirds of our staff in software development roles.

We provide industry-leading technology for the process industries, focusing in particular on the oil and petrochemicals sector. We are committed to maintaining and building our technology lead making significant investments into research and development each year.

Our tools are the established industry leader in crude oil selection and refinery modelling, allowing our clients to make optimal use of available feedstocks while maximizing safety and minimizing environmental impact. They play a business critical role for over 70 companies, including all the oil majors.

Our supply chain toolset, launched in 2010, expands the scope of our tools into a much broader market encompassing planning, scheduling and logistics optimization. A strong development roadmap will continue to extend the end-to-end toolset capabilities as well as addressing other process industries, such as food & beverage, chemicals, mining and pharmaceuticals.

Typically, global implementations of our tools span hundreds of users across an organisation. Full support for thin client and cloud-based implementations allows client companies to minimize implementation costs while maintaining high performance with granular control over access to data and services.

Spiral’s tools run complex and computationally-demanding mathematical models to predict the behaviour of industry processes. The emphasis is on developing robust, highly optimized and scalable solutions. The Spiral toolset offers complete flexibility across desktop, web, mobile and programmatic interfaces, each of which interacts with a common business logic layer.

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Spiral has a proven track record of attracting and retaining outstanding individuals. We pride ourselves on maintaining a positive, friendly work environment where extraordinary people can make the most of their talent, develop their skills and work as part of a great team.

Our offices are located in the Cambridge Science Park, Europe’s longest-serving and largest centre for commercial research and development. The Science Park provides a number of facilities including a restaurant, bar, fitness centre, children’s nursery and an attractive landscaped environment for walking and jogging.

Spiral’s modern offices provide facilities and technology of the highest standard, making for a comfortable and efficient work environment. Our spacious open-plan seating environment with daylight balanced lighting is complemented by meeting and breakout spaces for collaboration, private work and socializing with colleagues. We maintain a fully-stocked kitchen with daily deliveries of fresh, quality food for all staff.

As you would expect from a leading-edge software company, our computing facilities are state-of-the-art including two large monitors for all staff and powerful development machines. We make the most of modern software to help make our work as productive and enjoyable as possible, including Pluralsight training and the latest versions of Microsoft development tools.

Our development and QA engineers work as part of Agile teams with a focus on delivering innovative, high-quality software that exceeds our customers’ expectations. As part of the broader Schneider Electric Software organisation, we have access to a deep global pool of expertise and resources.

We offer an attractive benefits package including an annual bonus scheme, a competitive contributory pension scheme, private health and dental cover, life insurance cover and a number of other benefits.


Spiral is continuing to grow and we are looking for exceptional people to join our team across a wide range of roles.

In software development, we are looking for talented programmers in a number of key skill areas including core business logic; scalable server components and cloud; web and desktop UI/UX; distributed high-performance computing; mathematical modelling and optimization. Our primary software development platform is Microsoft Windows with code written in C# and C++ using the latest language capabilities and libraries.

We are also looking for QA engineers/software testers to work as part of our agile development teams, with particular interest in skills such as automated testing and QA for scalable web and SaaS solutions.

In the area of delivery and support, we look for supply chain consultants, project managers and technical support consultants who work closely with customers to deliver successful solutions, along with IT specialists and Cloud Engineers to design and maintain our Cloud and SaaS solutions.

Also lookout for opportunities in other areas including sales, marketing and technical authoring.

More details can be found on the careers page on our website. If you would like to join our team, please apply via the Join Us page on our website.

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