Vix Technology and Miles Team to Deliver Innovative Rider Loyalty Programs

  • Date 15 Sep 2020

Vix Technology and Miles have teamed up to deliver an integrated ticketing and automated rider loyalty and rewards solution for transit agencies across North America. This partnership offers transit operators a new tool to increase ridership by rewarding passenger loyalty and reducing single-occupancy vehicle trips that create traffic congestion and contribute to air pollution and climate change.

The combination of Miles' rider loyalty program and Vix's fare payment systems allows transit passengers to link their preferred fare payment method, such as contactless bank cards, closed-loop transit cards, and mobile apps. The integration utilizes ridership data collected by the fare system to enable hyper-targeted and individualized loyalty programs focused on specific transit or social equity initiatives.

Transit agencies can gain a clearer, data-driven understanding of their rider base through the Vix and Miles integrated solution. In addition to providing transit agencies with rider data insights, passengers also benefit through the exclusive rewards they earn with Miles' individualized rewards program. Through the Miles and Vix integration, transit agencies can return to pre-pandemic rider levels more quickly by offering targeted incentives.

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