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Trustonic awarded industry ‘gold standard’ certification for Kinibi operating system

  • Date 10 May 2022

World-leading trusted cybersecurity firm, Trustonic, has been granted Common Criterial Evaluation Assurance Level [EAL] 5+ for its Kinibi operating system [OS].

The certification is assigned to IT products or systems after a rigorous third-party security evaluation against a ‘common set of criteria’. It measured Kinibi 510a-V007 against a protection profile defined by GlobalPlatform, the industry body responsible for Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs).

In securing the EAL5+ ‘gold standard’, Kinibi 510a-V007 is now recognised as one of the most mature and secure OSs on the market.

EAL5 applies when developers or users need high, independently assured security in a planned development, and require a meticulous approach that does not incur unreasonable costs from specialist security engineering techniques.

Not only is Kinibi one of the best in breed for mobile applications, acting as a trusted OS running alongside the ‘main’ OS on mobile phones and smartwatches, this certification specifically supports its use in the automotive sector. This follows a strong increase in demand for security solutions that meet the latest industry regulations and requirements.

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