Speechmatics launches industry-first Global Spanish language pack for automatic speech-to-text transcription at scale

  • Date 16 Nov 2020

Speechmatics, a UK leader in any-context speech recognition technology, today launches the first Global Spanish language pack on the market that supports all major Spanish accents. Global Spanish (GS) is a single Spanish language pack trained on data drawn across a wide range of diverse sources – specifically those from Latin America – making it the most accurate and comprehensive accent-independent Spanish language pack for speech-to-text.

Testing found that for all variations of Spanish, Speechmatics’ GS language pack was the best option in every instance. Compared directly, GS was between 3% and 20% more accurate than all Google’s Beta accent-specific language packs and between 4% and 13% more accurate than Microsoft’s Video Indexer accent-specific language packs. *

Speechmatics utilized the latest advancements in machine learning and applied proprietary language training techniques to create the GS language pack. With Speechmatics’ GS model, businesses using speech recognition for Spanish voice data won’t have to jump between multiple language packs to optimize the accuracy of their transcriptions, reducing costs and streamlining operations. The Speechmatics approach delivers a simpler user experience with no additional software or complex processes needed. Following the success of its Global English language pack, Global Spanish is fast, accurate, reliable and more flexible, convenient and inclusive.

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