Speechmatics and Puzzel partner to transform customer experiences using any-context speech recognition

  • Date 6 Jul 2020

Turning voice data into actionable insights for improved customer interactions.

Speechmatics, a UK leader in any-context speech recognition technology and Puzzel, leading European Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) provider, have partnered to transform customer experiences in contact centers through Puzzel’s Agent Assist technology.

Agent Assist is an integral part of the Puzzel Customer Service Platform which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to gather relevant information from previous customer queries as well as ongoing customer requests. The automatic collection of information and data provides agents with a 360-view of the customer journey when an agent is faced with resolving a query. With this insight at the agent’s fingertips, they are able to resolve enquiries more efficiently while keeping the customer satisfied.

A vast amount of information is locked in voice data from recorded calls. To create a full customer interaction history, it is essential to transcribe voice data into text format to then enable information to be gathered and insight created. Agent Assist utilizes Speechmatics’ mission-critical, accurate speech recognition technology to power its transcription functionality, delivering actionable insights and streamlined workflows for contact centers.

Understanding the history of customer interactions to drive insight drastically improves customer experience and customer satisfaction. Utilizing automation technology has an impact on employee engagement and ultimately the bottom-line.

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