Server Startup Bamboo Systems Succeeds Despite Challenging Year

  • Date 18 Jan 2021

Bamboo Systems, a provider of revolutionary Arm-based servers architected to meet the needs of today’s software design and data center demands, today reflects back on the success it has achieved over the course of 2020 despite the challenges faced due to the pandemic. In the face of supply chain disruptions, lockdowns, and outbreaks affecting the company, Bamboo was able to announce the B1000N Series of Arm-based servers, raise $7M in new funding to drive growth, secure a UK patent, establish strategic channel partnerships, and collect several awards.

“Like many businesses in this most challenging year, Bamboo felt the impact of the pandemic on its operations,” said Tony Craythorne, CEO, Bamboo Systems. “I am incredibly proud that in spite of these trials we were able to achieve or exceed almost every target we set. And as the numerous awards we won reflect, the fact is the momentum behind Arm-based server solutions is growing. As 2021 commences, the opportunity for a more energy conscious, more powerful server architecture is gaining momentum in the data center.”

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