Ricardo helps put Devon on pathway to zero carbon emissions

  • Date 7 Dec 2020

Ricardo head of sustainability Hannah Lawrie has been working as part of a 15-strong task force to develop the interim Devon Carbon Plan to a stage where it is now ready for public consultation.

Over the past year, the Net-Zero Task Force, comprising experts in areas including renewable energy, transport, planning, waste and the environment, has developed the Devon Carbon Plan that aims to deliver a net-zero future for the county. 

The task force has been working alongside 25 organizations, including local authorities, emergency services, businesses and voluntary groups, who make up the Devon Climate Emergency Response Group (DCERG).  Residents were also able to contribute their ideas during the evidence-gathering stage at the start of 2020. 

The aim was to prepare a collaborative roadmap to create a net-zero Devon where people and nature are able to thrive. The plan would chart the county’s response to the global climate emergency.

All the actions within the Interim Devon Carbon Plan address suggestions from the public and highlight issues suggested for further consideration by a Citizens’ Assembly.

The actions cover a broad range of topics discussed at thematic hearings, including more active travel; improved air quality; better insulation and warmer homes; reduced fuel poverty; and eating more balanced diets, all of which are aimed to improve well-being and public health. The transition to clean technologies will create new jobs, improve energy security and increase economic prosperity. 

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