Ricardo to explore the use of flexible clean air zones to improve air quality

  • Date 8 Feb 2021

Leveraging its world-renowned expertise in R&D and digital engineering, Ricardo is one of the winners of a national transport location data competition to help make journeys easier, cleaner and more efficient.

World-class engineering, environment and strategic consulting company Ricardo has received funding from the Geospatial Commission in partnership with Innovate UK to enhance transport location data so that hybrid electric vehicles can intelligently modify how they operate to help improve air quality in towns and cities.

Adrian Greaney, Director of Technology & Digital, Ricardo Automotive and Industrial Division said: “Ricardo is committed to providing decarbonised and clean transport solutions. We are very proud to have been awarded the first phase of this project which will enable us to continue our research to evaluate the potential of dynamic geo-fencing technology to improve urban air quality.”

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