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Need to “Invent big and implement fast”? Unique Lotus Engineering and Iprova partnership brings AI-accelerated approach to transportation sector

  • Date 3 Aug 2022

Lotus Engineering and Iprova have announced a partnership which, for the first time, combines the latest AI-enabled way of creating breakthrough inventions with the ability to develop proof of concept, design and engineer products based on them.

Targeting the transportation sector in its widest sense – from e-scooters to autonomous trucks – the two companies will deploy their respective engineering expertise and data-driven invention technology. The pioneering joint venture will promote innovation at key points of industry disruption, then productionise the resulting inventions more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

The products we all use every day – from mobile devices through to domestic appliances – come to market using technologies drawn from a wide range of business fields. The same is increasingly true for transportation solutions, which now integrate components from the worlds of mobile tech, sustainability and many others.

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