Johnson Matthey ramps up on Green Hydrogen - Eugene McKenna appointed as business head

  • Date 9 Nov 2020

Johnson Matthey, a leader in sustainable technologies, including those at the heart of the hydrogen economy, announces it has appointed Eugene McKenna as Managing Director of its green hydrogen activities.

Eugene, who has been with JM for four years, moves from his role leading business development, strategy and innovation within JM’s Efficient Natural Resources Sector, where he focused on a pipeline of innovative low carbon technologies including those for clean hydrogen. Prior to joining JM he spent more than 20 years in Shell in a variety of roles including technology commercialisation and strategy.

Hydrogen produced with low or zero emissions is at the heart of the global energy transition and JM is a key technology partner for clean hydrogen with business activities spanning hydrogen production and fuel cells.

As the world unites to tackle climate change and commitment to achieve ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions increases, a significant shift is required towards low and zero carbon sources of electricity.  While renewable energy sources (like wind and solar) will work for some applications – domestic heating, cars and vans and lighter industrial processes – they won’t get us to net zero on their own.

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