Johnson Matthey and SFC Energy AG sign multi-million pound deal and joint development agreement for the supply of more sustainable fuel cell components

  • Date 18 Jan 2021

Johnson Matthey (JM), a global leader in sustainable technologies, has won a new multi-million pound agreement to provide 400,000 Direct Methanol MEA fuel cell components to SFC Energy AG (SFC), a global leader of hydrogen and direct methanol fuel cells for stationary and mobile hybrid power solutions. The agreement is starting in February 2021 for a duration of over three years.

Additionally, both partners sign a joint development agreement to further deepen their collaboration. Within the framework of the development partnership, both companies want to combine their complementary know how as well as their respective technology expertise. In this way, processes are standardised, set up more efficiently, and resource consumption is significantly reduced.

JM has been working with SFC for almost 20 years with the goal of creating versatile fuel cell solutions. As societies move to reduce carbon emissions – one of the most significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions globally, fuel cells are playing an increasingly important part. They use clean or low carbon fuels, such as hydrogen and methanol, to generate power and produce few or no harmful emissions. Fuel cells are ideally suited for heavy duty, mobile, continuous, and high usage applications such as the ones provided by SFC.

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