IQVIA Supports Collaborative Forum of Top Pharma Leaders to Advance the Use and Acceptance of Real World Evidence

  • Date 14 Dec 2020

IQVIA is pleased to be a supporter of the Real World Evidence Leadership Forum, a group consisting of senior RWE executives from 18 major pharmaceutical companies. The forum acts as a non-competitive collaboration to understand, discuss and respond to internal and external RWE challenges and opportunities with a single expert voice and the aim of improving outcomes for patients globally.

“As the world increasingly appreciates the importance of data from the real world setting to improve patient outcomes, it is critical to engender trust in how these data are used, protect patient privacy and ensure the highest scientific quality,” said Dan Simpson, vice president, Real World Solutions and member of the IQVIA team supporting the forum. “This group of industry leaders is at the forefront of guiding how industry players and the healthcare system are making the most of this opportunity to improve patients’ lives.”

One of the top priorities of the RWE Leadership Forum is to clarify the way pharma and healthcare can work together to establish trust-based relationships, which will unlock unique value for society, the medical community and patients.

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