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CW Technology & Innovation Awards Winners Announced

  • Date 16 Nov 2021

The winners of the CW Technology & Innovation Awards have been revealed today at the CW International Conference.

We had over sixty nominations across for the Awards across our six categories. These were shortlisted into the finalists by the CW Awards Committee, and then our esteemed panel of judges scored these companies and individuals according to the following criteria:

Company Awards
Technical innovation - describe the way in which the nominated company, product or technology has broken fresh technological ground, or uses existing technology in a creative way.

Business model - describe the impact that the nominated company, product or technology has had on the business. Has it opened up new markets? Is it increasing engagement with existing customers? Is it reducing costs?

Side benefits - has the company, product or technology delivered non-financial benefit to the company, society or the environment?

Individual Awards
Technical Expertise - describe the individual’s technological know-how. What is their field of expertise? What is their education? What projects have they worked on? What inventions do they have to their names? How have they demonstrated continuing professional development?

Delivery of results - describe a (recent) project within which the individual had a transformative impact.

Community involvement - how does the individual inspire and influence their peers, colleagues and the wider technology community?

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