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CW Technology and Innovation Awards 2020: Winners Announced


  • Date 24 Sep 2020
  • Sectors Technology

Winners of the CW Technology and Innovation Awards announced at CW Edge 


To celebrate impact innovation, technology and thought-leadership, CW (Cambridge Wireless) invited its world-renowned technology community to nominate outstanding companies and individuals within their ecosystem for the inaugural CW Technology and Innovation Awards.


From innovative start-ups and outstanding achievers to the most impactful use cases within industry, the CW Team received and an impressive number of quality nominations from across the UK. Four companies and individuals per each Award category were then shortlisted for an interactive Semi-Final Pitching event led by an expert panel of Judges: Dr Jin Zhang of Anglia Ruskin University, Julia Gwilt of Appleyard Lees, Sheridan Ash of PwC, Rhys Morgan of Intelsat, James Chapman of Qualcomm and Dr Tim Moore of ghd.


Two finalists were selected by the Judges per each Award category and an online vote was open to the public who could nominate from the innovative cohort their top technology organisations and individuals based on their 30 second elevator pitch presentations


The announcement of the 2020 Winners has coincided with the CW’s flagship event, CW International Conference (CWIC 2020) Virtual Conference, inaugurating the CW’s Edge Week (22-24 September 2020), spanning three days of immersive events exploring Edge Computing, with its enabling partners 5G, AI and IoT, as the transformative technology to help organisations to push past the limitations of the traditional network architecture. 


The Winners of the 2020 CW Technology and Innovation Awards are:


Winner of the Best Connected Product Award sponsored by ghd


Redtail Telematics


Redtail Telematics has delivered more than 6 million devices processing over thirty billion miles of data for insurers, fleet managers, OEMs and consumers around the world. We are unique in that we have control over every aspect of the telematics supply chain, from design and manufacturing of hardware through to delivering the applications and services that turn collected data into useful insight for customers. This gives us incredible flexibility in how we deliver tailored solutions.


Winner of the Most Innovative Start-Up of the Year Award sponsored by Appleyard Lees


Connected Kerb


Connected Kerb Ltd provide a smart cities platform that integrates both power and data at kerbside to support electric and autonomous vehicles, and the application of advanced IoT technologies. Their platform is innovated to empower better-connected communities, promote liveable streets, minimise environmental impact and amplify the transition to electric vehicles for all people. Earlier this year they won a SEAL award (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement & Leadership) for their work.


Winner of the Greatest Impact on Diversity & Inclusion in Technology Award sponsored by PwC


Coders of Colour


Coders of Colour is an organisation aimed at "Empowering and enabling young underrepresented people of colour to pursue a career in tech by providing them with a safe space for them to learn, explore and grow". We do this primarily by running free coding workshops for young people. At Coders of Colour, we have a very 'hands-on' approach to support. We believe that all our attendees should leave each of our events with the ability to do something new. We are also there for them if further support is required.


Winner of the Most Impactful Technology for Society Award sponsored by Intelsat


AMN's Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) model


AMN builds, owns, operates and maintains mobile network infrastructure, delivering services for the biggest Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in Africa. AMN's Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) model allows Africa's tier-1 Operators to expand their network coverage, deep into rural areas, with no capex investment and no opex risk. AMN uses highly-advanced technology to enable services to be delivered economically and sustainably to smaller communities than has ever been possible before. AMN is bringing 2G, 3G and 4G voice and data connectivity to towns and villages which have previously been unconnected. AMN currently operates more than 1,000 base stations in 9 countries and ultimately will cover almost every country in sub-Saharan Africa.


Winner of the Best Application of Edge Technology Award sponsored by Qualcomm




At Taubyte we solve software scalability at the Edge through a fully automated (NoOps) computing platform, we call ‘Smart Computing’. Thus enabling the true potential of the global computing infrastructure catalyzed by the Edge. Taubyte is a Smart Computing provider with a unique and innovative twist that eliminates software development, deployment, and routing complexity at the Edge, allowing (I)IoT developers to focus on product features; thus, reducing both costs and time to market.


Winner of the Outstanding Woman Engineer of the Year Award sponsored by Anglia Ruskin University


Yue Wang, Senior Technology Manager, Network AI, Samsung Electronics


Since she took up the role of leading the Network Research team in SRUK, Yue has always impressed me as an outstanding researcher, engineer and leader. She is innovative in both her approach and her ideas, quick to grasp new concepts, and is persistently at the forefront of our work. I am nominating Yue for this award this year because of the step up in role she has taken since the beginning of 2020, but also as recognition of the considerable ground work she put in to formulating the position she now holds. Yue championed Network AI as a Research topic that would have immediate impact on RAN products with headquarters teams during 2019, and once funding was secured, her leadership of the team she has built to undertake the projects she now leads has been exemplary. Yue is the epitome of an excellent engineer , and serves as a role model for women (and men) seeking to forge careers in communications research and development.


The Winners will receive:


  • A CW Technology & Innovation Award trophy
  • 2 tickets for CWIC 2021
  • Free access to all CW events for the next year - subject to availability
  • Opportunity to speak at a relevant CW event within the next year
  • Free sponsored content in CW Journal online editions


Congratulations to all Winners and all outstanding companies nominated for the 2020 CW Technology and Innovation Awards! The CW Team would like to thank the technology community for getting involved and all sponsors supporting the Awards!

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