Cambridge Consultants’ world-class designers recognized with two iF DESIGN AWARDS


  • Date 10 Feb 2020
  • Sectors Technology

Breakthrough innovation specialist Cambridge Consultants has won two prestigious iF DESIGN AWARDS. The awards, in the professional concepts category, are for Aalto, an injection device for rheumatoid arthritis patients, and Alma, a smart cooling case for injectable fertility drugs. These awards are the latest in a series of accolades for Cambridge Consultants’ team of world-class designers.


This year’s iF DESIGN AWARDS attracted 7,300 entries from 56 countries. The hotly-contested awards were judged by a panel of 78 independent, international design experts.


The Alma concept emerged from interactions with IVF patients and fertility experts. During the IVF process injectable fertility drugs need to be stored at a specific temperature and taken at specific times, this has a significant impact on the patient’s lifestyle and wellbeing. Our team used their experience to design a potential solution. The resulting concept was a smart cooling case that gives the patient more personal freedom through their IVF process. The case controls the temperature of injectable fertility medication, ensuring they remain at optimum potency for the treatment. By removing the necessity to inject at home, it empowers the patient to lead a normal life during their IVF treatment.

“We are delighted that our work has been recognized with this award,” said Daisy Prior, who led the Alma project. “This work has meant a lot to everyone involved, as it directly addresses an unmet need for women during the challenges of IVF treatment, and has the potential to improve the user’s quality of life.”


The second award was for Aalto, an injection device for rheumatoid arthritis patients. Rheumatoid arthritis patients often have reduced dexterity caused by their condition; this can mean that they are unable to safely self-inject using standard injection devices. Patients risk injury and inaccurate dosing because injections cannot be administered effectively.


The Aalto concept is an electro-mechanical autoinjector that is designed specifically for use by patients with this reduced dexterity. By automating stages of the injection process, such as medication loading and needle assembly, user steps that previously had the potential to cause harm, now happen safely within the device.


“As designers, we are continually trying to challenge the status quo and move design forward,” said Harry Moorman, one of our leading designers. “So it’s great for our team to get this recognition for the work we put into Aalto.”

Lai Tang, Head of Design, Medical Technology, added, “At Cambridge Consultants our designers and human factors engineers work very closely with the technology and engineering disciplines to ensure the best possible solutions. It’s only by taking a truly holistic approach can we ensure our designs don’t simply meet the needs of the users, but exceed their expectations. It’s important for our design team to remain on the cutting edge, so it's especially pleasing to once again be rewarded with international design award success.”

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