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Bamboo Systems Fueling Growth Through New Round of Funding

  • Date 12 Oct 2020

Bamboo Systems, the Arm-only server vendor, today announced that it has secured a new, significant round of $7 million USD in funding. This new infusion is being led by existing investors Seraphim Capital and Opea Holding and with support from the UK’s £1.25 billion Future Fund, a government funding package designed to support startups driving innovation and development through the coronavirus outbreak. 

Arm-based compute platforms have been gaining traction, with AWS expanding their Graviton offerings, to Apple’s announcement to switch from Intel to Arm for all its Macs, and the world’s fastest supercomputer, Fugaku, based on Arm. Now, with NVIDIA’s recent announcement that it plans to acquire the company, Arm architecture is poised to disrupt the status quo in compute.

“We are so pleased that Seraphim Capital and Opea Holdings are continuing to invest in Bamboo with another strong show of support for our unique server architecture,” said Tony Craythorne, chief executive officer, Bamboo Systems. “We’re also delighted that the UK Future Fund has invested in us as well. These investments underscore the value of our technology that is about to fundamentally change the concept of compute in the data center.”

Earlier this year, Bamboo announced  its ground breaking B1000N Series of servers.  A fully configured B1008N consists of 8 servers providing 128 cores, 16 DDR4 memory channels to 512GB DRAM, 24GB/s to 64TB of NVMe storage, fed through 160Gb/s network bandwidth. This is delivered in a single rack unit (1U) at approximately 50% of the cost of a legacy Intel-based server, 25% of the energy consumption, and 20% of the rack space.

“We are delighted to continue to support Bamboo Systems at a time when interest in Arm servers has never been higher. With the likes of AWS, Apple and now Nvidia betting big on Arm, we believe now is the moment for Arm servers to make a major impact on the $80 billion server market,” said James Bruegger, Managing Partner, Seraphim Capital. “Bamboo’s revolutionary server architecture holds the key to delivering the massive space, cost and energy savings that the server market desperately needs.”

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