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The App-ocalypse: over half of marketers have lost revenue due to new ad regulations

  • Date 23 May 2022

Continuing changes to privacy and ad regulations force marketers to rethink user acquisition strategies

‘The App-ocalypse’, the new report from Bango reveals that marketers are experiencing a negative impact to their bottom line due to new ad regulations and privacy changes. The research revealed that 59% of marketers have lost revenue since Apple’s IDFA changes, the phasing out of third party cookies by Google, new privacy updates, and changing ad regulations.

The report argues that the four horsemen of the App-ocalypse – the phasing out of Cookies, iOS IDFA changes, mounting government regulation, and privacy-conscious consumers – are changing the face of app marketing forever.

The research, which surveyed over 300 app developers and app marketers, found that 64% of marketers are concerned about the implications Google’s removal of third-party cookies will have on their user acquisition strategy, with 21% being very concerned. 61% of marketers have also reported that they have lost sleep because of the new changes.

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