LINGUAMATICS PUTS BIG DATA MINING ON THE CLOUD: New managed services text mining offering builds on success of last year’s launch of I2E OnDemand

(Cambridge, England and Boston, MA – February 29th, 2012)  In response to market demand, Linguamatics is pleased to announce the launch of the first NLP-based, scalable text mining platform on the cloud. Text mining allows users to extract more value from vast amounts of unstructured textual data. The new service builds on the successful launch by Linguamatics last year of I2E OnDemand, the Software-as-a-Service version of Linguamatics’ I2E text mining software. I2E OnDemand proved to be so popular with both small and large organizations, that I2E is now fully available as a managed services offering, with the same flexibility in choice of data resources as with the in-house, Enterprise version of I2E. Customers are thus able to benefit from best-of-breed text mining with minimum setup and maintenance costs. Such is the strength of demand for this new service that Linguamatics believes that by 2015, well over 50% of its revenues could be earned from cloud and mobile-based products and services.

Linguamatics is responding to the established trend in industry to move software applications on to the cloud or to externally managed servers run by service providers. This allows a company to concentrate on its core competencies whilst reducing the overhead of managing an application in-house. The new service, called “I2E Managed Services”, is a hosted and managed cloud-based text mining service which includes: a dedicated, secure I2E server with full-time operational support; the MEDLINE document set, updated and indexed regularly; and access to features to enable the creation and tailoring of proprietary indexes. Upgrades to the latest version of I2E happen automatically, as soon as they become available.

By using I2E Managed Services, organizations can significantly reduce their IT overhead for maintaining software, hardware and very large document sources. Instead, responsibility for all these tasks is handed over to Linguamatics, with staff who are experts at installing, configuring and running I2E, as well as preparing document sources and managing the indexing process. All of these extra features help speed up knowledge discovery, resulting in tangible financial benefits for the user.

“A big attraction of the service is the ability to get up and running very quickly”, commented Phil Hastings, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Linguamatics. “Feedback from our customers indicates that allocating and deploying the necessary IT resources in-house can be a long and painstaking process, in some cases taking months. With the I2E Managed Services approach, customers are able to deploy text mining for their projects much more rapidly, leading to significantly faster return on investment.”

Linguamatics is the leader in deploying natural language processing (NLP) based text mining for complex, high-value problem solving. Used by the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, and other prestigious commercial, academic and government organizations, Linguamatics operates globally, with offices in the UK and USA.

For further information please contact:

Sue Ziobro
Linguamatics Ltd.
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