Xaar’s revolutionary ‘large-particle’ glaze Xaar 001 printhead delivers up to 700 g/m2

  • Date 29 Sep 2014

New printhead enables digital decorative effects, coloured glazes and functional coatings and extends the digitalisation of ceramic tile manufacturing still further.

End-to-end digitalisation of ceramic tile manufacturing processes is set to become a reality with the new Xaar 001 piezoelectric drop-on-demand printhead by Xaar, the ceramics industry’s leading inkjet technology specialist.

The all-round capability of the Xaar 001 ‒ unmatched in the digital ceramics decoration market – enables the application of decorative coloured glazes, structure and flood glazes. Ceramic tile manufacturers can now use digital techniques to create exciting new tile designs that stand out from the competition whilst benefitting from leading edge tile production efficiency.

For unrivalled reliability under the harshest production conditions the Xaar 001 features Xaar’s TF Technology™, which continuously recirculates the ink past the back of the nozzle during drop ejection. Combined with vacuum-cleaned nozzles, this ensures the printhead is continually primed and keeps large particles in suspension, minimising the production interruptions that blocked nozzles can cause, and ensuring fast start-up times and rapid recovery from mechanical shock.

“The ability to apply glaze digitally to ceramic tiles has generated considerable interest from leading machine manufacturers and tile producers who recognise the major benefits it can bring to tile decoration,” says Richard Barham, Sales and Marketing Director, Xaar. “Our vision has been to ultimately digitalise the entire tile decoration production line and, with the introduction of the new Xaar 001 printhead, our vision will become an exciting reality.”


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