Update on CCTV Works

  • Date 23 Jul 2018

Thank you to everyone who has written to us about the digging of the trenches for the cabling for the new CCTV system. Here is some additional information based on questions and comments received to date:

- Back filled trenches settle over time and therefore the Contractor will have to re-visit each trench on a couple of occasions to top up the soil as this settles - trying to attempt to reinstate fully straight away would be detrimental and more likely to scar the grass in the longer term.

- The top of the trenches are backfilled with aggregate initially to provide a stable surround for the ducts which are layered on top of each other - there are several of these being laid with over 16km of duct being installed across the Park - and this is probably what can be seen at present until the trenches settle and are topsoiled.

- We are working through the summer months and are currently experiencing one of the hottest weeks on record I believe. The Park with its trees is rapidly drying out the ground and existing grass is dying. Re-seeding attempts now would be futile and only serve to feed the birds. The works are scheduled to go on into September which should present an ideal time to sow grass seed. This can then be watered in and monitored if the weather has not returned to usual British summer time.

Bidwells and the Principal Contractor have a long standing involvement with the Park and take the successful delivery of the project very seriously. Hopefully as phased of works complete you will start to notice the site returning back to normal over coming months.

Please send any comments or questions to [email protected]

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