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  • Date 29 Apr 2015

Precise low-cost sensing opens the door to hassle-free car hire

“We’ve all suffered that anxious wait at the hire-car drop-off point as our car is examined for any signs of damage,” said DropTag product manager Tom Lawrie-Fussey. “Now there’s a way to keep tabs on the vehicle when it’s parked – and to help settle any arguments over who might be to blame in a crash.”

If no incidents are detected during the hire period, the app will give the driver the all-clear as they arrive in the drop-off area – prompted by a signal from a beacon in the depot which lets the tag know it is about to be returned. The driver can then simply park the car and go on their way.

The advantage for the hire car company is that it gets real-time visibility of how its cars are being driven – helping with vehicle maintenance and turnaround times. Safe drivers could be rewarded with money-off vouchers for future car hire or pricing could be adjusted according to whether a customer is a low-risk or high-risk driver.

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