Tackling the Scale-up Challenge

  • Date 27 Feb 2019

Successful commercialisation of innovative products and services is a critical challenge for most companies, but until now, there have been few systematic practical tools available to those addressing the Scale-up challenge.

The Scale-up Manual, published last year, tackles this problem head-on, and these tools have now been integrated into a digital platform, The Triple Chasm Platform, to enable cost-effective access to these powerful tools. The manual and the platform form the basis for the Scale-up Academy, which will be delivered first in Cambridge this Spring and then subsequently elsewhere.

see https://www.forbes.com/sites/trevorclawson/2019/01/31/the-digital-mentor-cambridge-tech-hub-introduces-data-driven-scaleup-academy/#2bb96bee6b94

To find out more or to participate in one of these programmes, go to: http://www.cartezia.com/page/the-scaleup-academy

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