New in 2019 - “Listening Ear” Service

  • Date 19 Dec 2018

With the pressures of modern life, sometimes it helps to have a friendly person to share your concerns with. Whether you are facing challenges at home or at work, or are worried about a friend or colleague, often its helpful to discuss these with someone independent, someone who won’t judge you, and who will genuinely care for what concerns you.

Starting on Tuesday 8 January and every Tuesday thereafter, Joshua Shinhmar will be offering a free and confidential ‘Listening Ear” service to members of the Cambridge Science Park. Joshua is currently a Curate at St George's Church in Chesterton but welcomes people of all and no religious beliefs.

He will be based at the Bradfield Centre from 11am to 2pm. To book a confidential session, please email [email protected]

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