Legalesign Data Shows Best Time To Seal Deal

  • Date 18 Jul 2019

Timing is crucial when it comes to emailing contracts using Legalesign’s fast, secure and innovative electronic signature to get that all important deal signed off.

Legalesign’s analysis of their last 100,000 documents shows the highest signing activity peaks for deals and agreements is between 2pm–3pm on Wednesdays. While Tuesdays to Thursdays are also very active, the click rate is substantially lower on Mondays and Fridays.

More smart businesses and organisations are using electronic signatures to work faster and securely, achieving a swift 53 per cent turnaround of signatures within three hours; 72 per cent were signed within 24 hours while 83 per cent were returned within three days. Working paperless is also an increasing cost saving attraction for businesses.

Ben Eliott, CEO of Legalesign, said, “Our digitization process helps businesses understand how their data can really work for them to get the quickest response and ensure a smooth transaction for that all important deal or agreement.


“The results speak for itself as our review of client use shows almost three quarters of agreements are signed within 24 hours, which is a terrific response rate, with only 8 per cent of recipients failing to reply within a week.”

In addition Legalesign has introduced a new report function on its dashboard to show instant results in a simple, user-friendly way; a click on the stats icon will display the latest statistical insights with pies, pies, lines, percentages and heat maps.

Legalesign works with legal firms, insurance companies, property firms, recruiters, accountants, local government and government bodies. If you would like a free trial, call 01223 911317 or email [email protected]

*Why our clients use Legalesign.

 A survey showed: fast signing (32 per cent), the facility to sign online (19 per cent), reduce costs (13 per cent), a paperless office (12 per cent), document tracking (10 per cent), security and streamlined process (both 6 per cent) and integrations (2 per cent).

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