Histon Road & Milton Road - Initial consultations on better bus, cycling and walking trips

  • Date 11 Jan 2016

Milton Road is a main route into Cambridge providing a link to key destinations such as the Science Park. Traffic is expected to increase as further development takes place to the north and west of the city.

Milton Road is congested during peak hours making bus trips unreliable and longer than necessary. More reliable, faster and frequent bus services would make taking the bus a more attractive way to travel along Milton Road, with the potential to reduce the number of car trips.

Better and more segregated foot and cycleways would improve safety, encourage more walking and cycling and could also help reduce the number of car trips on Histon Road and Milton Road.

Your feedback will help us develop more detailed options. We also welcome any alternative ideas you may have to improve bus, cycling and walking on this main arterial route into the city.

CCC and Travel Plan Plus look forward to seeing you at one of the informal exhibitions!

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