Have your say on Cambridgeshire County Council's budget

  • Date 1 Sep 2014
In the past local authority consultations have concentrated on finding out what council tax payers want public money spent on rather than what local businesses need to held them grow. This year Cambridgeshire County Council is making a real effort to redress this balance and is actively seeking the views of small and medium sized businesses from across Cambridgeshire.
Is it possible for small and medium sized businesses to influence local authority spending particularly when so much of the budget is spent on providing statutory services, i.e. services they are legally required to provide, like schools and care services? Cambridgeshire County Council wants to develop, “the local economy for the benefit of all” and the best way to test whether the local economy feels supported and enabled to grow is to ask businesses what they think.
Throughout September representatives from the County’s Research Team will be consulting with and talking to business representatives at a variety of events to find out if you think the Council has its spending priorities right and whether their planned spending will enable your business to thrive and if there is anything else they should be spending money doing that will enable your business to grow.
If you would like to take part you can do so online: http://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/businessconsultation. They will also be attending some existing meetings and events so if you would be interested in them attending yours, do please get in touch.
For further information, or to provide the County Council with your views directly, please contact:
E-mail:       [email protected]
Tel:             01223 715300
Address:    Research Group: Consultations, Cambridgeshire County Council, SH1306 Shire Hall, Castle Hill, Cambridge CB3 0AP

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