Why did the ducklings cross the road?

  • Date 26 Apr 2017

We get all sorts of visitors to the Science Park and not just the two legged kind. Recently we’ve had Redwings and now we have some rather charming ducks pay us a visit. We thought you might like to read what Graham, one of Abbey Security team, told us about his experience with a family of ducks.

This morning whilst watching the cameras I noticed a duck and seven little ducklings come onto the park through the road gate, I watched them waddle up the road towards the roundabout. As they neared the roundabout a car came around the corner and scared mum who jumped up the kerb but for the ducklings it was too high, resulting in a panic. This led to the ducklings running along the kerb, as they did this they ran across a drain and three of them disappeared down it!

I went to the car and drove up there, on the way I caught up with Danny Fuller (the Science Park site manager) we both stopped on the roundabout and tried to lift the drain but we couldn’t. Mum was nearby quacking and the ducklings in the drain were calling to her. Danny went and got the gardeners and two large crowbars, they arrived and eventually got the drain cover open. They handed the ducklings over to me and I went to the hedge where mum and the others were hiding. I placed them on the ground and mum came and got them, they all huddled around mum then they went on their merry way waddling, quacking and chirping.

As security on the Science Park you never know what the day will bring, and today was a very good day.

if you have any stories about the wildlife on the Science Park let us know and we’ll try and feature them on the website.

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