Cambridge Science Park security

  • Date 14 Feb 2016

The safety and security of people visiting and working on the Science Park is a major concern for us. If you work on the park you will have noticed that aside from security individual tenant companies have put in place we have a low light level colour digital CCTV system which is permanently in operation. The system functions from an operations room within the Science Park where data is stored should it be required.

In addition foot patrols visit each building outside normal business hours to provide a further deterrent to criminals. The Park security guards are in radio contact with the operations room where the controller is able to direct their activities by using the CCTV system.

Unfortunately we’ve become aware that a number of people working on the Science Park have been approached by a woman asking for money because her car has broken down and she needs to get to a destination urgently. She appears very emotional and upset. We believe this is a scam as it is happening both on the Science Park and along the busway and has been reported the Police. If you are approached and asked for money in such circumstances please call the Police immediately quoting the following reference number CC11022016-0111.

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