Cambridge Science Park joins ClusterMarket

  • Date 13 May 2019

The Cambridge Science Park is now a member of ClusterMarket. Clustermarket is an online platform that enables scientists, engineers and other technology pioneers to rent lab equipment from nearby institutions and find the best service providers to reduce R&D expenditure. The equipment and services listed on Clustermarket are offered by universities such as Cambridge University, other research institutions and businesses, making research more sustainable and accessible. Additionally, companies can use the platform internally as a lab-booking platform which is free of charge with the potential to share equipment and technical services amongst themselves and with other companies.

Find out more about Clustermarket at or contact Tobias Wingbermuehle at [email protected] directly. Let him know that you are a Cambridge Science Park tenant to gain a discount on Clustermarket’s fee.
More info here

Pitch over Pints social event
You can also meet Clustermarket on 29 May in Cambridge at a special edition of their Pitch over Pints social event. “The Lab”  is being co-hosted with, and  and is focused on “Genomic Data Sharing”.
More info here

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