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  • Date 20 Sep 2021

Every parent wants their child to grow normally and be healthy, and how fast a child grows is an important pointer to their long-term health.

The Children’s Growth Awareness Day each year aims to teach parents about their children’s growth and how the rate of growth can indicate underlying health disorders.1 Muthanna Amro, our Franchise Lead of Growth Hormones shares what´s important to know about it.

Muthanna, thank you for taking the time, can you explain, what´s a growth Hormone deficiency, and what does it mean for the patients?

There are clinical conditions where a child’s growth can be too slow, with the likelihood that they will not reach their growth potential and remain short, which may indicate current and future medical problems. There may also be reduced quality of life and psychosocial problems, involving both children and their parents.2,3 The global organisation behind the growth awareness day want to make parents aware of childhood conditions that can lead to irregular growth, to help reduce the time to diagnosis so that disorders can be managed appropriately and in a timely manner.

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