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The UX choice for AI-human interaction

  • Date 20 Sep 2021

In September 2021, the CW User Experience SIG hosted a fascinating session exploring the nuances of human reactions to artificial intelligence agents featuring Iulia Ionescu, a Senior Lecturer and Course Leader at the University of Arts London, and two members of the BBC R&D team – Tristan Ferne and Libby Miller.

Tristan’s session explored the many ways to explain AI and make it more understandable to users. This is a vitally important task as AI agents are becoming more ubiquitous in our lives covering fields ranging from personal assistants to insurance pricing. AI-based systems often do not flag to a user when AI is used and even if they did AI is a hard concept to explain and even the programmers may not understand how an AI agent came to a decision – and yet the agents are also fallible, with the potential to incorporate biases and errors from training data.

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