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Top 10 gift cards for employee rewards

  • Date 11 May 2021

Employee rewards are a powerful way to mark big achievements and occasions. Things like:

  • Thanking them for a job well done
  • Recognizing them on a work anniversary
  • Celebrating a company-wide milestone

Of course the kind of reward you send can matter hugely. And, in the digital-first, remote-working world of 2021, one of the best options is sending digital gift cards.

They’re great for the employees, who get flexibility around when, where, and on what to spend them.

But digital gift cards are also a great option for employers, as they’re:

  • Instant – you can go from idea to inboxes in seconds
  • Bulk – you can send them company-wide without worrying about logistics
  • Global – you can make sure there are suitable options, wherever your workers are
  • Discounted – you can save on the face value of cards, often by as much as 20%

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