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Summer internship program at Gearset

  • Date 20 Sep 2021

This summer, six university students took on a 10-week internship at Gearset. I'm the marketing intern, and the other five interns are software engineers. As our internship comes to a close, we thought we'd have a final catchup to reflect on our time at Gearset and share our experiences!

The first week
Even before our internship started, Gearset made us feel welcome. They made sure we had everything we needed for our home set-ups, from laptops to comfortable office chairs. They even sent each of us a welcome box of luxury chocolates! It was clear right from the start that Gearset really cares about each and every member of the team.

There was a consensus between the interns that starting the internship remotely was daunting because, as with any new job or internship, we didn't quite know what to expect, but also because remote working is generally new to all of us. However, we quickly learned that there was nothing to worry about! "I was really nervous," Phat explains. "I wasn't sure how the internship was going to pan out. But on the first day, my mentor reassured me and guided me through the next steps and made sure I had the best possible experience ever since my first day."

After having chats with our mentors, we were given plenty of time to get settled. Gearset allowed a big chunk of time in our first few weeks for us to learn more about the company and the product. Spending some time getting to grips with Slack, where all of Gearset's internal communications take place, really helped with understanding the company culture and puts newcomers at ease.

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