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RedCloud - The pandemic has changed B2B sales forever

  • Date 6 Apr 2021

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. B2B marketplaces are growing and sales leaders are being left behind. Supplier apps and online platforms have seen an industry-changing increase of digital interactions since 2019. We have reached a new point, and once the pandemic is over, online sales will not waiver but continue to grow as the world’s spending increases and we adjust to a new normal.

 Marketplaces have grown and changed the industry forever, not only B2C but B2B. SMEs expect the same service and ease of ordering online as individual consumers get from ordering at home. Ordering inventory should be simplistic and forward-thinking, and the antiquated sales approach has become a way of the past.

In thinking about how to adapt to this situation, companies must make taking care of their people and their customers the top priority. It is imperative that companies manage this new reality otherwise they will continue to fall behind their competitors. By adapting their processes and sales priorities, they can stay ahead as consumers experience difficult economic times and change their buying habits.

Digital channels have become the star for B2B companies, growing significantly in recent years and increasing exponentially since the COVID-19 crisis began. But these changes are merely an acceleration of the digital trends that were taking place before the pandemic. B2B sales transactions in the future will be fundamentally different than they were before the pandemic.

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