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How can RFID help achieve recycling targets?

  • Date 6 Apr 2021

The EU has set itself a challenging goal of reducing landfill to a maximum of 10% of municipal waste by 20301. There is no magic wand, no single solution, that can be deployed to achieve this, it will require a number of initiatives, and of course each country will have different focus areas making it even more complicated. Recycling will have to play a significant role in the reduction, downcycling remains possible, but is less attractive.

The UK also has ambitious goals aligned with those of the EU. Here over the last two decades the household waste recycling rate has increased significantly from 11% to almost 50%, but with this plateauing, technology shows strong promise to help kick start new schemes and invigorate existing ones. This has become more realistic in recent times by the introduction of PragmatIC's ultra-low cost integrated circuits, which are suitable for embedding in everyday objects.

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