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Of Mice and Men – Will human organ-on-a-chip disease models replace animal use?

  • Date 20 Jul 2021

The aim of organ-on-a-chip (OOC) technology is to more accurately replicate human physiology in vitro to overcome the relevance limitations of current approaches, and the field is progressing at a rapid pace!

Many hundreds of academic researchers are choosing to work in this area, supported by an increasing number of grant funding opportunities. There is exponential growth in the number of publications that cite the use of, or development of, OOC technologies and a collection of well-established companies that design and produce commercially viable systems and services. Major Pharma and Biotech are showing an increased appetite, perhaps driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, to help bring new medicines to market more efficiently and, importantly there is genuine interest in OOC from the regulators.

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