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How can pioneering technology collaborations improve recycling?

  • Date 27 Sep 2021

The majority of people want to do the right thing to play a part in addressing the global challenge of reducing plastic waste, but many of us are still confused about what plastics can and can’t be recycled. How can we help to create a more sustainable future for the next generation? Joshua Young, Circular Economy Manager at PragmatIC Semiconductor, shares an update on a project that highlights the importance of technology and collaboration in the war on waste.   

Lack of standardisation leads to consumer confusion
It’s Recycling Week (20-26 September), and Wrap (the Waste and Resources Action Programme) says we should each be focusing on what we can individually do to improve recovery rates. But according to new research by the recycling and packaging company DS Smith, some households are running out of space in their bins and are unable to recycle properly. During the height of the pandemic there was a significant increase in waste: more food containers and online shopping packaging than ever before. A trend that shows no sign of stopping.

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