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Gearset Summit: The key drivers of Salesforce DevOps success

  • Date 1 Nov 2021

On October 14th, hundreds of Salesforce professionals from around the globe gathered together for another Gearset DevOps Summit. The key drivers of DevOps success was a fantastic half-day event that saw presentations from a series of industry experts and plenty of lively discussion between attendees.

If you missed out on the action, don't worry! All of the talks were recorded so you can catch up on the highlights.

Piecing together the DevOps puzzle
Andrew Fawcett, VP of Product Management for Salesforce's Platform team, and Kevin Boyle, CEO and Co-Founder of Gearset, opened the summit with their keynote address: Piecing together the DevOps puzzle.

Andrew and Kevin argued that people, tools and processes are the three pieces you need to slot together for DevOps success. It's easy to fall into thinking about DevOps in terms of tools and processes alone - version control, CI/CD and the rest. But you also need to think about how the people in your team will use those tools and processes to build together effectively.

Andrew and Kevin painted a picture of an inclusive workflow from end to end. Understanding business requirements and then building the right solution can include developers and admins, as Andrew pointed out: "What continues to get me excited about the platform is how developers can give declarative builders superpowers, by leveraging increasingly deep extensibility within the platform's various builders, such as App builder, Flow builder, Experience builder and Bot builder."

Once a feature has been built, the way it's released should also include both developers and admins, no matter how sophisticated the DevOps process. Kevin highlighted how the Salesforce team at Intercom implemented a DevOps process that works equally well for developers and admins. Watch the full recording to find out how you can get buy-in from your team as you adopt version control and move towards automation.

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