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Bus information

The area is currently serviced by seven bus services: Citi 1, Citi 2, 9/x9, Milton Park & Ride, Stagecoach 905, The Busway Route - A and D.

Bus Routes – latest links
Citi 1 –https://tiscon-maps- stagecoachbus.s3.amazonaws. com/Timetables/East/CAMBRIDGE/ CA%20-%201%20-%20AUG%202021. pdf

Citi 2 –https://tiscon-maps- stagecoachbus.s3.amazonaws. com/Timetables/East/CAMBRIDGE/ CA%20-%202%20-%20AUG%202021. pdf

Citi 9/x9 - https://tiscon-maps- stagecoachbus.s3.amazonaws. com/Timetables/East/CAMBRIDGE/ CA9%20-%20JUL21.pdf

There are bus stops close by to the entrance to the Cambridge Science Park and Cambridge Business Park. Citi 2 stops on Cowley Road adjacent to the Driving Test Centre.

To get the latest LIVE bus arrival and departure times, click here and then zoom on the bus stop of your interest.

Bus Timetables

Please click here to see the bus timetables

The Guided Busway

The buses runs from St Ives to Cambridge Science Park frequently from 7am - 7pm Monday-Saturday (every 10 to 15 minutes) and on a different time schedule on Sunday. 

Busway Routes: A, B and C - https://www.thebusway.info/ pdfs/tt/ABC.pdf

Milton P&R - https://cambridgeparkandride. info/milton-times.shtml

905 -  https://tiscon-maps- stagecoachbus.s3.amazonaws. com/Timetables/East/BEDFORD/ BE%20-%20905%20-%20JUN%202021. pdf

Real Time Bus Information

If you regularly use buses to get into, out of and/or around Cambridge, download the new Smart Cambridge travel app - MotionMap

MotionMap will provide free-of-charge, real-time information, to all members of the general public depicting the movement of buses and pedestrians, car parking occupancy and road traffic. 

Click here to see the app

PlusBus Tickets

A Cambridge PLUSBUS gives you unlimited bus travel on all bus services run by Stagecoach and Whippet (including Busway services), around your chosen town on participating buses with the purchase of your train ticket.

Click here for more information

Bus Fares

For information on Stagecoach fares for Cambridge North, please click here

For information on bus fares from Cambridge North, please click here  

All information displayed on this page is indicative and correct at the time of posting. This information is displayed as a guide only.

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